Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calling for Criminal Charges

The number of liberal bloggers calling for criminal charges against BP and remarking that, "Isn't a corporation supposed to be just like a person?" absolutely blows my mind. How, precisely, are you going to put a corporation in prison?

Incorporation does involve limitation of financial liability, but is has been established that it does not absolve corporate management from the criminal liability for their actions when they deliberately circumvent established safety procedures and put lives at risk for the purpose of economy. Criminal charges against persons who made decisions leading to the loss of life are appropriate, but against the corporation based on its "personhood"? Get real.


Curator said...

I think they meant the First Amendment rights of corporations cannot be infringed upon, hence they can now not ban political spending by corporations in elections. Same as individuals.

Jayhawk said...

I am referring specifically to bloggers who are calling for criminal charges against the corporations, because those corporations are "the same as persons." They aren't talking about free speech or campaign contributions, they are calling fro criminal charges.

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