Saturday, May 08, 2010

Circular Reasoning

The guy who tried to set off the bomb in Times Square gave as one of his principle reasons for doing so his anger at our use of drones to bomb Pakistan, which happens to be his country of origin. He claims he is upset by the death of innocent civilians that we are causing with that practice.

Critics of Obama claim, “Oh, pish tush, the guy is just using that as an excuse.” Or maybe it’s supporters of Obama who claim that, given that it is currently Obama who is ordering the drone attacks. It was Bush doing it, and everything that he did was “a bad thing,” so it all gets a little confusing.

But couldn’t it be said that our original invasion of Afghanistan, based on our upset over civilians being killed on 9/11, was a case of, “Oh, pish tush, that was just our excuse,” as well?

I mean, if we say that we are going to go blow someone else’s stuff up because they blew our stuff up, how do we cry foul when someone else says they are going to come blow our stuff up because we are over there blowing their stuff up?

I realize that I am spiraling ever more deeply into circular reasoning here, but if the media can do it, why can’t I? I’m trying to see if I can actually screw myself into my own… Never mind.

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