Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Experience Needed

It has been pointed out that Elena Kagan has never been a judge, which supposedly mitigates against her as a nominee for the Supreme Court. I would point out that William Rehnquist had never been a judge either, and he turned out pretty well.

I actually worked for his brother, whose first name was Alden and was in sales management for a large steel company. He had a stratospheric IQ, was as nutty as a tree full of squirrels, never carried a dime’s worth of cash in his pockets, and was an absolute delight to work for. He was proud of his brother but never made a point of being related to him, avoided the subject as much as possible, and he was an interesting and fun person to be around. He could sell ice to Eskimos.

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bruce said...

There has been a number of SCOTUS justices that have never been judges, and also many that have had little bench experience. That IMHO does not preclude a candidate from being a SCOTUS justice.

A similiar argument is being made of the fact none will be Protestants (allegedly the majority of americans), all will be Ivy Leaguers and East Coasters, none will have elected office experience, none will wear long john underwear, none will have bald heads, did I forget anything?

Oh yes, the facetiousness of the above arguments.

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