Saturday, May 29, 2010

NatGeo on Oil Spill

I watched the National Geographic Channel's one-hour special on the Gulf oil spill, and that may be the least informative hour of television watching I have ever indulged in. Judge Judy is more educational than that thing was.

Half of the time slot was devoted to artistic film clips, things like the driver's eyes in the rear view mirror, of the salvage crew making ready to leave on their mission. Things like packing their suitcases at home, loading trucks, and semi's driving on the freeway. After all of this disconnected set of film clips, it turned out that the salvage company's ship never left port because Deepwater Horizon sank before they could do so.

They showed about four minutes of Deepwater Horizon burning, and a rather dramatic scene lasting twenty seconds or so of the rig sinking, but otherwise there was nothing to learn that the major three networks had not provided more than a month ago. Total waste of an hour.

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