Monday, May 17, 2010

Courage of Conviction

I occasionally read a blog with the name The Agonist whose subtitle is “Thoughtful.Global.Timely” and has posts on a variety of subjects. Yesterday one contributor wrote a “authoritative” piece on the Gulf oil debacle, the accuracy of which might be suggested by the continuous reference to the British Petroleum company. There is no such company, of course, and has not been for quite a few years; he was referring to BP.

I knew that one had to be registered to comment on that blog, and since no one had yet commented on his error I thought it might be worth registering for that purpose, only to discover that the blog is not accepting new registrations. Well, I thought, maybe I can send the contributor an email; but no contact information of any sort for any of the contributors is provided on the blog.

So these bloggers have the courage to put their opinions out there on the Internet, but only in a manner that assures that those opinions cannot be challenged. Gutsy.

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bruce said...

Gee, sounds like a politician....

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