Friday, May 21, 2010

Take Charge

Why isn't Obama on the deck of a ship in the Gulf of Mexico with his sleeves rolled up, kicking somebody's ass? Why are we getting information exclusively from the criminals who committed this atrocity, when we know that the "information" we are getting is almost entirely lies? Why do we not have current satellite images of this catastrophe available to the public?

Why is the government, why are all government agencies standing by idle while the perpetrators of this environmental crime remain "in charge" of the remedy? Why are our scientific agencies not on site right this day providing measurement, advice and assistance?

The Gulf of Mexico is dying. For God's sake, do something.

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bruce said...

um, excuse me, but there are satellite and space shuttle photos posted on news sites, etc. For the rest, I'd surmise B.O. would delegate the action, instead of himself.. but maybe he's not even doing that...

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