Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Much To Take In

Basketball, that is, and it isn't even officially March Madness yet. Mountain West men's championship; San Diego State is in that one for a certain NCAA berth. (Rumble is they could get one anyway, but...) Mountain West women's championship; San Diego State v. Utah in that one. My sister (Utah alum) wanted to bet me on that one, but I don't make that kind of bet with family. Big 12 men's title: my Jayhawks v. the hated Kansas State. No real stake for me, but Kentucky v. Tennessee portends excitement. Two of the games overlap, so the DVR will get a workout.

Political blogging may be light in March. I have my priorities.

Update: Sunday, 9:30am
To say that the San Diego sports writers are excited, with both men and women winning Mountain West Conference championship games yesterday, might be a bit of an understatement. Nick Canepa relates it to

"... shortly after a giant meteor struck Earth, killed all the dinosaurs and left nothing but neophyte basketball players running around."

Perhaps "giddy" would be the operative word.

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