Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bracketology & Fox News

I am feeling considerably more kindly toward Barack Obama today. He has The Kansas Jayhawks in the center of his brackets. The man rocks.

Update: 9:00pm
And I have an even warmer feeling watching him say, in a level and calm tone, without even the slightest trace of rancor, "I'm trying to answer your question, and you keep interrupting." Snap.


Bartender Cabbie said...

I think K State may be the dark horse.

Jayhawk said...

Well, stranger things have happened, but the thought gives me a mild case of heartburn. As in makes me want to gag. Maybe not so slight.

momlee said...

K State a chance? I'm gagging with Jayhawk. BTW, in my days at Kansas (admittedly in the dark ages), K State was known as Silo Tech.

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