Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shrinking Brains

No, this is not about politics. Well, maybe it is a little bit.

An article in The Daily Mail (h/t The Political Carnival) informs us that a skull from 28,000 years ago is 20% larger than modern ones, indicating that human brains are shrinking.

Well, anyone watching cable television news would be well aware of that.

The article also says that "No one is suggesting this means our ancestors were more intelligent as studies have found there is only a minor link between brain size and IQ." Well, again I will refer you to cable television news, but I might add that there appears to be no discernible link between IQ and the ability to think rationally either.

The article then goes on to say that the cerebellum, the part of the brain associated with talking, has grown and other parts of it have have shrunk. Which confirms the impression conveyed by cable television news that modern man is talking more and thinking less.

If, that is, we are thinking at all; we are certainly talking.

Update: Saturday, 9:45am
My wife pointed out that an even better example of shrinking brains than cable television news, not to mention more talking and less thinking, would be politicians at all levels of government. Good point.

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bruce said...

Hooray for Kathy, but wait.. why havn't you thought of this already? Too much blogging, perhaps?

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