Saturday, March 06, 2010

Students Protest

Thousands of students marched throughout California Thursday to protest cuts in student programs and increases in fees, steps made necessary by reductions in funding from the state. My reaction is to put that in the “you have to be kidding me” department.

The elderly are having medical programs slashed, food programs for the needy are being cut, cities are laying off firefighters and policemen, unemployment just went up last month to 12.5% in this state, and these babies are upset because they can’t get the class that they want at the hour that they want it. There are young people rooting through garbage dumpsters for food, right here in this land of plenty, and these spoiled brats are holding marches in protest because student union fees were increased.

People who have paid taxes all their lives are having benefit programs cut, and they bear the loss with good grace because they know that hard times demand sacrifice. People who are paying taxes now bear the reduction of social programs and services because they understand that those things cost money that the state government does not have. But these pampered children, who have never paid a dollar of tax in their lives, are upset because their precious “higher education” entitlement is being reduced.

It’s a good thing that these idiots didn’t bring their ridiculous march down my street, or I might have started a riot. And I take great pride in having voiced this without one single unprintable word. It was not easy.

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