Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Repudiating the CinC

Frank Gaffney is one of those persons who is so vile that he is not even disgusting; he is actually a caricature of a vile person. When you see him in person he speaks with this sort of Basil Rathbone sneer on his face, and speaks this utter filth that is so out of contact with reality that you have to laugh. He speaks of Barack Obama talking in “code” for instance; where certain words that Obama uses are “code” for other words.

He writes for the Washington Times -- well of course he does. Who else would publish him? Anyway, he has a recent piece in that paper glorifying all of the idiot generals who are standing in the way of repealing DADT. He spews his usual filthy hilarity, saying that “and all bets are off on the idea of experimenting with - and possibly breaking - the all-volunteer force.”

Well, no military in the world can defeat our armed forces, but apparently a few gays and lesbians can. Sort of makes it sound like we ought to have an all-volunteer, all-gay “force.” There’s an “experiment” for you; we could really dominate the world, maybe invade Russia.

It appears the chiefs know better and will insist on getting such insights from the troops. They also will hear from American families who send their loved ones to serve in the military - and may elect not to do so if the military culture is supplanted by the homosexual agenda.

At that one I realized I had violated my rule of not drinking coffee while reading Frank Gaffney at my computer, so I had to go get a towel to dry things off. I mean, really; I’m sending my kid off to war and I’m not concerned about him getting killed or maimed, I’m concerned about him consorting with gays.

And, "military culture is supplanted by the homosexual agenda" evokes all kinds of snark. Think about the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team, all of the military formations you've witnessed; ever been to a "Gay Pride" parade?
I really don't mean that as a put down, but "homosexual agenda?"

He finishes with,

Hence, the stage is set for the president to be repudiated in favor of the best, informed advice from the leaders of the four armed services. Suffice it to say, hail to the chiefs.

Well, of course, that “best, informed advice” does not include the very top officer, so it actually represents a form of mutiny and should be frowned upon rather than praised. It also counters the statements of the civilian leadership and the President, and to glorify having the “Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces” being “repudiated” by his military officers in this nation is a truly bizarre concept.

Gaffney, by the way, is the lead author of War Footing, a collection of essays that "offer ten specific steps that Americans, as individuals and as communities, can take to ensure their way of life and safety and the future well-being of their children and grandchildren." I haven’t read it, but I somehow doubt that one of those suggestions is, “Join the military to bear arms and risk death to defend freedom.” That would be one step that is not included in his own personal biography, of course, so his expertise on military life is a bit suspect.

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