Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now, Deem and Pass

When the Obama Administration was attacked for deciding to try the "underpants bomber" in a civilian court, the best defense they could come up with was, "Well this is the same thing Bush did with the shoe bomber."

Now the Democrats are defending passage of the "health care reform" bill using "Deem and Pass" so that they can pass an ugly bill without having to be charged with actually voting for it, by saying that Republicans used the same methods 35 times.

This is the new argument for Democrats. Do they really want to do this? Defend their actions by saying, "We're just like the Republicans."

They are, of course, but you'd think they'd want to conceal that.

Update: Wednesday, 8:15am
Karl at Market Ticker posts on the illegality of "Deem and Pass" based on Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution. Do you see the error in his argument? The underlined text about "Yeas and Nays" and names being being attached to the bill refers to the process of over-riding a presidential veto. Original passage of a bill before submission for presidential consideration is merely stated as, "every bill which shall have passed..."

Think before you leap, Karl.

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