Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Purpose Of Legislation

I watched some thirty minutes of discussion regarding the “health care reform” bill on Hardball yesterday, and probably twenty minutes or so on Countdown. A total of at least ten “pundits” were involved in the discussions, and they went into excruciating detail and on at great length.

The discussion was not about the parts of the bill in terms of whether or not they were useful and good for the nation and its people. It was about who would vote for the bill and whether or not doing so would advance that legislator’s reelection, or whether that vote would be due to that legislator not being due for reelection.

For the entire day, the legislation was not about getting insurance for people who don’t have it, or about the cost that people pay for health care, it was about reelection of the Democratic Party.

For the news media and the rest of the elite upper class that governs this nation, that’s what legislating is all about; maintaining the current party in power; which party will be in the majority after the next election. The actual effect of that legislation on the people it governs is irrelevant. It merely needs to create an impression on the electorate for the purpose of election.

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