Monday, March 01, 2010

Post-Olympic Letdown

The excitement of all of that curling just wore me out. Maybe it was the closing ceremonies, which made me swear never to set foot north of the border; those people must be on some form of acid. I wonder what the real RCMP thought of that production. It was nice to see Michael J. Fox looking so good, though; that was worth sitting through all of the insanity.

My wife understands and is okay with football; the college basketball and the "March Madness" thing is beginning to get on her nerves; stock car racing is "watching cars go around in a circle" to her; but the interest in curling finally had her looking in the Yellow Pages under "nuthouses."

Anyway, my brain is fried today. I'll be back tomorrow with something worth saying. Or as much worth saying as my drivel usually is.


bruce said...

Are the nuthouses for you or her? Yeah, the closing ceremonies were ... yawn.

momlee said...

I thought the opening ceremonies were good (of course I was watching one day post surgery), but the closing was just kinda bizarre. Russia's presentation did not incline me to watch in 2014. Boring.

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