Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Punditry

Out of the first 16 games, I picked the winner in 7, so perhaps I might better "keep my day job" so to speak. San Diego State kept the gun loaded, cocked, and pointed at Tennessee, but just couldn't pull the damn trigger. At this rate Kansas will finish fourth.

I do my brackets weird; I don't pick the second round until the results of the first round are known, etc. So I'll have 16 teams in the "Sweet Sixteen," but only by cheating massively. I have more fun that way, and I'm not competing with anybody, so I can do it if I want. I linked so that you can see how little I know about college basketball. Blue is for teams I picked to win, red is for winning teams that I didn't pick, black indicates my picks in games that have not yet been played.

And yes, I know I have one of the divisions on the wrong side.

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