Monday, May 12, 2014

Now What?

Eastern Ukraine has now voted to become autonomous. So what is the next move for the United States, which professes to respect democracy and “the will of the people” to govern themselves?

To say that the voted was rigged, presumably by Vladimir Putin, although they do not say precisely how he did that.

The next step is to follow that up by saying that even if it was not rigged, it was illegal. That one is really weird. Installing a new government consisting of the masked thugs that took government buildings by armed force and physically threw the elected government out on the street is okay, and we will acknowledge that new government, but holding an election to determine the wishes of the people of a region is illegal and we are not going to accept the results of that election.

And we’re going to impose sanctions on Russia for what Ukraine did, even though Russia asked them not to do it.

I’ll tell you what, those fuckers in Washington have far different definitions of “democracy” and “diplomacy” than I do.

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