Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Interesting Rant

Dylan Ratigan goes on a rather entertaining rant here about how this nation is “being extracted” and that both political parties are involved in the crime. I’m not entirely clear on his meaning of “extracted” but it has to do, I suspect, with the rich getting richer as he says that we are being “extracted through banking, trade and taxation,” which strikes me as an odd set of factors, given that taxation is the lowest it’s been in eighty years.

Nonetheless, given the context I suspect that “taxation” slipped in there by accident, or that he may be referring to the lack of progressivism in our tax structure, because overall he makes more sense than his demeanor would seem to suggest. It is not an angry rant, really, he just got carried away.

I particularly liked the part where he said that the “extraction” is destroying us and “…here we are arguing between a $4 trillion plan that kicks the can down the road for the president or just burn the house down, both of which are reckless, irresponsible and stupid.” He then apologizes for losing his temper, but I thought he lost it rather effectively.

Of course he wants the president to attack Congress for having “been bought” and “go to the American people” to demand that they be kicked out for having been bought, evidently not recalling that the president just spent two weeks on a fund raising trip, including a $10,000-per-plate dinner in San Diego. The fact that San Diego is home to Mitt Romney is actually irrelevant, but somehow seems rather interesting.

I still maintain that his point, along with the popular issues of “income inequality” and minimum wage, are distractions from the real issue which faces this country; that being the lack of the ability of the working class to find jobs which are sufficient for them to earn a real living. That issue is the one thing that politicians and pundits are totally unwilling to discuss today.

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