Thursday, May 15, 2014

No Hype Wednesday

Firefighters are just fucking awesome.

Nine thousand acres burned in nine fires, half of it in densely populated urban areas, and we lost eight houses and one apartment building. Eight.
It could reasonably have been eight hundred. Zero lives lost.

I was watching television as a wall of fire approached a school building. The reporter on site was saying that they only had "hand crews" on the scene and were not going to be able to stop the school from being burned. I was thinking to myself that meybe he should not be flapping his mouth until he saw what the firefighters could do. Sure enough, half an hour later he was saying that, "somehow they stopped it."

Not "somehow" dipwad. They stopped it by doing what firefighters do. They are not supermen but they are really, really good at stopping fires. And they don't pound their chests and demand our admiration. Maybe they're just too tired, I don't know, but they just shrug and get ready for the next fire. Heroes.

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  1. Every place has something to worry about it seems. Hurricanes down this way, fires and earthquakes out yours. I was recently in the wheat belt on business and was keeping an eye on the sky until an unseasonable cold front blew through and about froze me out.