Sunday, May 25, 2014

And We Do It Again

Isla Vista: many people killed and injured by a maniac who leaves behind a "manifesto." He wants to be "noticed." He wants people to know his name, because he has felt slighted and ignored. And so as a result of his heinous action we notice him. We talk about him. He went out, as he wanted to do, in a "blaze of glory." Everyone knows his name. He gets the attention he sought. We are idiots.

When someone runs naked onto a football field that media says they will not show him because, "we do not want to encourage others to do the same." But when someone goes on a shooting spree in one last desperate attempt for attention, they give him so much attention that they gurantee that more shooting sprees will follow.

Don't give these poor sick bastards the attention they seek. Bury them in an unmarked grave without telling the public anything about them so that other poor sick bastards don't follow their example. What part of that is so hard to figure out?

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