Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Law Governing Feelings

Carson City CA is in the final stages of creating a new “anti-bullying” law, which would create fines of $100 and up for anyone, including young children, who (emphasis mine) makes another person feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested” with no legitimate purpose.” I’m trying to imagine what would constitute a “legitimate purpose” for doing any of that, but…

The states already has an anti-bullying law, a much more sensible one, prohibiting “conduct done with the intent to harass or intimidate.”

Notice the difference here? The present law says that you are responsible for what you do, while Carson City wants to hold you responsible for how someone other than you feels. California judges you for your actions; Carson City wants to judge you for somebody else’s feelings. California wants the prosecutor to be evaluating the actions you have performed and/or the words you have spoken, while Carson City wants the prosecutor to be evaluating the feelings of a six-year-old in order to prosecute you for having broken the law.

“If you felt terrorized,” the prosecutor asks the five-year-old Mary, “I’m going to fine Timmy $600, but you only felt harassed then I will just fine him $100, so I need to know how you felt.”

Where do we get this kind of idiots?

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  1. bruce7:42 PM

    The california state law makes much more sense. The Carson law is wide open to mis-interpretation and abuse. And how much you wanna bet the parents will be using this against the "bullies" and of course, the other parents (who are often bullies themselves).

    Anti-bullying measures yes. This - not a good one.