Friday, May 23, 2014

Living Wage

A subheadline at said that instead of fancy advertising MacDonalds should pay a "living wage." I'm not sure how raising wages would bring them more business, which is the point of advertising, but I submit that the point is nonsense in any case.

MacDonalds, and other fast food outlets, should not be paying a "living wage" for the simple reason that working in these places is not a real job. This is something that high school kids should be doing to make spending money, not something that anyone should be doing to make a living. It is nonproductive, useless and demeaning work with no real future. It is a stepping stone; "make work"to fill time until one can qualify for a real job.

If this nation has deteriorated to the point that flipping burgers and selling Happy Meals across a counter is considered a "living wage" career then there is no point in discussing our economy because we no longer have a meaningful econpmy.

"Minimum wage" should be about high school kids and college students.
It should be utterly meaningless in terms of careers and people who are working at full time jobs. The idea that we are willing to have people supporting families on minimum wage, whatever it is, is obscene.

We should not be working to make fast food joints pay "living wage," we should be busting our collective ass to get people the hell out of those trivial jobs and into real jobs.

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