Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Young White Males"

Piers Morgan was holding a discussion with a psychiatrist last night on the subject of school shootings. Morgan was, as usual, blaming the guns, saying that if we didn‘t have guns young white males wouldn’t go crazy because “it is always young white males between the ages of 18 and 24” and it is the gun culture that causes young white males to go crazy.

The psychiatrist to some degree in agreement but was trying to make the point that there is a bit more to it than that, such as teaching our young to accept disappointment and how to be resilient. Morgan was having none of it, repeatedly insisting that guns cause young white males to go crazy. When the psychiatrist spoke of the “black culture which teaches that a gun is a necessary fixture for being a man,” Morgan got all huffy and said that “this is not about the black culture, is it” because the shootings are always done by young white males.

The psychiatrist finally got tired of Morgan’s idiocy and told him that the shootings covered by the media were always young white males, but that he was certain that as many or more shootings occurred in black schools and were not covered because “the white-controlled media does not care what happens in black schools.”

Piers Morgan should have slinked off of the set in abject mortification, but of course was unfazed by having been made to look like a complete idiot. Being an idiot is a natural state for him, so he merely proceeded with the discussion, but he did quit prattling about “young white males.”

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  1. Good for the shrink in pointing that out and not being cowed by the 'moderator' or cameras