Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Slow Season

Preoccupied with seasonal things, football games being among them, to care much what the idiots in Washington are doing. Did notice a few things that amused me or lightened my day.

A newspaper ad that starts with, "How to get rid of burning, itching feet." Somehow, I don't think they are offering what it sounds like they are offering. I certainly hope they aren't.

Dan Fouts may have been paying more attention to football that to English classes when he was in college. He observed during the Denver/Houston game that a receiver "never lost possession of the ball while it was in his hands." I believe that having the ball in one's hands actually defines possession, so Fouts was rather stating the obvious.

Payton Manning was asked about his record 51 touchdown passes in a single season and replied, "I really think it's a team record because there are guys out there catching those passes." The man defines class.

Officiating in the NFL is becoming farcial. The hit was to the chin using the helmet so, yes, it was a penalty, but "the punter is defenseless throughout the down" is he? As one analyst said, then he should punt the ball and run off the field. He has no business running downfield with football players.

And I can see ruling the Raider's catch an incomplete pass in realtime, but when the coach challenged it and replay showed that he caught the ball at the four yard line, carried it three steps into the end zone, fell down with it, and then a Charger ripped it out of his hands after he was down and they still called it an incomplete pass... They are idiots.

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  1. bruce2:26 PM

    I thought you didn't like the Mannings? But Peyton Manning was pretty gracious and humble when he talked about it.