Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Sided Mouth

From whitehouse.gov we can read the anticipated impact of failing to extend the program of extended unemployment benefits: 1.3 million people currently receiving those benefits will lose them, and 3.6 million additional people who will become eligible for benefits during 2014 will lose them.

That paints a pretty bleak picture of 2014 employment, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t that make him sound like something of a liar when he goes around the country trumpeting about how well the economy is recovering? Doesn’t that make his words ring a little hollow when he prates about all of the jobs that are springing up? Does anyone believe him when he tells us what a good job the Democrats are doing?

Don’t get me wrong; I favor extending the program, precisely because the real economy is not improving. Jobs are not being created as fast as the Bureau of Lies and Stupidity claims they are, and certainly not fast enough to restore financial stability for the middle working class, and working class wages are still declining.

What I’m pointing out is that Obama is talking out of two sides of his mouth. His is promoting the extension of a program whose purpose is to support an economic emergency while claiming that there is no economic emergency. He is promoting a program to alleviate a suffering economy while claiming that the economy has regained a solid footing. If what one side of his mouth is saying was the truth, the other side of his mouth would have to remain silent.

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