Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Football Musings

Took me this long to recover from the Auburn game. They should be ranked number two, not Ohio State. Their loss was to a #6 team and they won against four other ranked teams, two of those in the top ten, and including the top-ranked team. OSU beat the #16 and #23; big deal. Perhaps this week’s champonship games will sort that out.

The New Orleans Criminals not only went down last night, they went down 34-7, with crime boss Drew Brees having a quarterback rating of 77.4. Way to go Seahawks. Still feel that your players should not be punished for taking bounty money, Drew?

The Chargers’ loss to the Benglas should, as U-T writer Nick Canepa puts it, “put a stop to nonsense about the playoffs.” Even at 5-6, as writers were bleating about the Chargers being in a position to make the playoffs, I was wondering what they would do if they got there other than lose in the first round. At 5-7 a few writers are yammering about how they are “not mathmatically eliminated.” Sheesh.

Manti Te’o continues to unimpress, especially so when he could not look at the interviewer or camera after the game, but was able only to hang his head, fixate on the floor and moan pathetically about how much he hates to lose for the entire interview. As linebacker, he was no small part of the reason the Bengals ran for 164 yards. That little boy needs to grow up.

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