Monday, December 09, 2013

Football Musings

How about Auburn? Unranked at the beginning of the season, and then knocking off Alabama and winning the SEC championship with a first-year head coach. Grit. One has to think they can run the ball on FSU and win the national title.

The Chargers won, and it was Eli Manning they beat. Should have been exciting, but since there was never any actual competition I kept falling asleep. The Giants won five of their last six games playing like that? Then I looked up to see who they beat. Oh, yes, that explains it. No wonder the Chargers won.

Head coach Mike McCoy, whose name I keep forgetting and having to look up, says we are going to beat Denver on Thursday. With Payton Manning against the league’s 28th passing defense, I don’t think so.

Philip Rivers is not a fan of the “time of possession” thing; he just wants to get the ball down the field and score. The game between the New Orleans Criminals and the Carolina Panthers was a case in point. The Panthers controlled the first quarter; had the ball for 13.5 minutes, ran 20 plays to just 3 for the Criminals, and kicked two field goals. Then the Criminals went on a two-minute touchdown drive and were trailing 13.5 to 3.25 in the time of possession battle but leading 7-6 on the scoreboard.

Carolina then folded like a cheap suit. Newton kept throwing deep passes that landed in a different zip code than the open receivers, and the short receivers kept dropping the ball. They scored a “garbage time” touchdown late, but never again looked like a real football team and lost 31-13. Cam Newton, by the way, looks like an idiot on the sideline with a towel over his head.


  1. Auburn should be able to run on FSU and take the game with relative ease I would think.
    Cam does look like an idiot with that towel over his head.

  2. what about all the fumbles in the snow? I hope they drive better.