Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wives Can Confuse You

My auto license expires in February, and the state sends a renewal notice about four months before the expiration, so I went ahead and renewed this month. My wife is amazed by the fact that for most of 2014 my car will be running around with a 2015 sticker on it. She finds that amazing and difficult to understand. It did not bother her at all that for most of 2013 it was running around with a 2014 sticker on it, or that in 2012 it had a 2013 sticker...

For the sake of comity in the household I agreed with her that it was very strange. Husbands do things like that.

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bruce said...

I'm in the same boat here with car license, but the wife doesn't pay attention to that. But it is indeed strange. But that may be SOP for the DMV.

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