Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, That Was Elegant

Stewart-Haas Racing had a bad day. Tony Stewart was leading the race on the next to last lap and ran out of gas; finished 26th. Ryan Newman got collected by Kurt Bush when the latter dive-bombed a corner and slid up into him; finished 39th. Danica Packrick lost control of her car, couldn't find the brake pedal, and took out two other cars; one of which was her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse. Oops. She finished 37th.

Danica, bye the way, actually accepted the blame for this wreck. Of course, sometimes you just have to after you watch the replay. When no other car is within twenty feet of you...

Update, Monday AM: Well, she sort of took the blame. "I'm not sure if I misjudged the braking zone," she said, whatever the hell that means, "or if they stopped really quick in front of me," because race cars unexplanably "stop really quick" on the race track all the time. "It felt like they stopped really quick," she finished. "I tried to stop myself to keep from getting in the back of anyone, but I got sideways when I tried to do that."

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  1. Hmmm. the same ones who said OJ got off in his murder trial "because the system worked" are now crying foul and "the system did not work" ... aka: they didn't get the verdict that they wanted.

    Only two people really know what happened, and one is dead. And shit happens in the heat of the moment, and color does not have to be a reason.

    Zimmerman is not "innocent", just not legally guilty of a crime. His life is and will continue to be in shambles, so he's not "just walking away".

    Several lives were ruined, not the least the dead person. At least he can rest in peace, and I hope he does. I don't think anyone else will, not for a long time.