Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New High

I received a new high in complimentary rhetoric yesterday, when I commented in a liberal discussion forum that Obama's "health care reform" legislation might not be the panacea that was being suggested. I was accused of being a "dumb-ass lefty who serves as the rightwingers' useful idiot." I've never been called a "useful idiot" before, and I am guite proud of the achievement.

The agruments that liberals make over their "health care reform" are increasingly desperate and pathetic, because they are all attempting to avoid facing the simple and obvious solution which Obama rejected from the outset of the debate: provide health care (not health insurance) to everyone as a public service so that private parties cannot profit from providing it.

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  1. bruce9:26 AM

    But that's un-American and unpatriotic and socialist (ie, anti-capitalism) so many things America (allegedly) is not.

    Horse hockey. Wait, that's polo, isn't it? So British. tsk. tsk. I'm sure Socrates was called names as well. Keep up the gadfly work.