Friday, July 12, 2013

Touching, Very Touching

I was deeply moved by Bob Filners heartfelt apology, and am thoroughly convinced that his promise to change is genuine and will be carried out in full. I also own a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you, this week only, at a bargain price.

He says that "my staff and I will participate in sexual harassment training provided by the city." Exactly why does his staff need to particiapte in that training? And why did he not participate in it before subjecting multiple women to the ordeal that they suffered.

He does not address his irrational feud with the City Attorney which has resulted in the city being no longer able to hold closed meetings. He did not address his bullying of a minority race Assistant City Attorney, ordering him to sit in the back of the room and finally having the police eject him from the room. He did not address his irrational feud with the Office of Tourism and illegally withholding their funding.

He did not address the "pay to play" extortion game that he engaged in with Sunroad Construction. Of course, once that became public he returned the money to Sunroad, so that wiped out the crime as if it never happened and he no longer needs to address that. And we're back to that bridge in Brooklyn again.

A leopard does not change its spots. Bob Filner is a thug and bully to the core, and he needs to resign now.

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  1. bruce2:49 PM

    I read it and I also saw it's a 4-1 "NO" margin. It sounds way too much like a political apology, I have no reason to believe it's sincere. I'm a "no".