Thursday, July 11, 2013

Center of Attention

Glenn Greenwald, who I admire enormously, said at one point that the discussion about Snowdon was a distraction, because the real issue was not the whistleblower but was the spying that the whistleblower disclosed. He then makes the story about the whistleblower, with four out his last five headlines, and six of his last eleven, being about Snowden.

I appreciate Snowden informing us, but I'm tired of hearing about him. Did he release the information so that we could discuss the actions of our government, or did he do it so that he could be the center of attention? So far he is succeeding mostly in the latter, and Glenn Greenwald is facilitating that.

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  1. bruce9:36 AM

    Right now, I'll bet Mr Snowden wishes to be anonymous... and of course the media is milking it for all its worth, thus the (non)anonymity. A pox on the Fourth Estate!

    Ok, well, not really - otherwise the very actions of Mr. Snowden would NOT be heard and seen in the light of day. Transparency is (mostly) good. Thus we have a free press, guaranteed by the Consttution. That is a right.