Thursday, February 04, 2010

This is Pathetic

From the Online Mail, we get a story about a British military cook whose unit was cut off from supplies and fed his troops for a horrendous, entire six weeks on Spam.

An Army chef said today that he fed troops in Afghanistan on Spam-based recipes for six weeks after the Taliban shot down their food supplies.

While most chefs enjoy the luxury of varied ingredients, Corporal Liam Francis was forced to improvise dishes using the tinned meat.

Oh, how utterly ghastly for them.

The Submarine Service that I served in was famous for getting the best food in the Navy. That reputation was well deserved so long as we were in port, and for about 14 to 18 days after we went to sea. After that we ate baloney, beans, dried peas, powdered eggs and Spam. Lots of Spam. Our cook had many ways of preparing Spam, but it was always still very recognizably Spam, and we often stayed at sea for three to four months.

So a long period of eating Spam was not a one-time event. We survived.

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bruce said...

and the amazing thing is that you still like Spam...

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