Monday, February 15, 2010

Sports Update

The Americas Cup has returned to the United States. Okay. That would matter to me if it were still a sailing trophy. The Americans spent more money than the Swiss did. Whee.

The Olympics are on. Okay. Skating used to be one of the favorites for my wife and me, but it’s now what I call “helicopter competition.” The skaters jump up in the air, and whoever makes the most number of rotations before landing wins. Whee.

But the curling starts tomorrow, so that will be good. No, actually, that isn’t a joke. For some odd reason I find curling rather compelling. Maybe I have some Canadian in my heritage or something, because Canadians go nuts over curling. Short track speed skating is pretty cool, too. I have no idea how those dudes keep from running into each other; and sometimes, of course they do collide.

NASCAR ran the “Great American Race” yesterday, with long pauses to repave the track. That was really impressive. The official is out there testing the pavement patch with his fingertips, preparatory to having 3500# cars drive over it at 200 mph. “Does it feel hard yet, Larry?” Unsurprisingly, it did not hold up. Please note that these cars have carburetors; technology last used on actual cars at least two decades ago, so I guess none of this should be surprising.

The hype over Danica Patrick was so high that they were running film clips of her wrecking, even though she was not in this particular race. That race, and wreck, was the previous day. They also showed her being swarmed by the media; again, the previous day.

On the other hand, the track paving "action" was a bit boring, so…

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Mike said...

This is what happens when you waste the paving money on an amusement park and infield "zoo" with the drivers as the animal attractions. No excuse for not making the track as safe as possible.

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