Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Inconsequential But Fascinating

...to the media. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann each spent a great deal of time, bringing in guest commentators in both cases, discussing how inconsequential and irrelevant Sarah Palin is; which makes me wonder why they spent so much time discussing her. Seems the most noteworthy thing about her is that she writes notes on her hand. Apparently that proves that she is stupid.

Well, they would know. Both of them talked about her remark that Obama might "use the war card" and "declare war on Iran," criticizing every aspect of her blather on that subject without either one of them mentioning that the President cannot declare war. In all of the critiques I've heard and read regarding her rather silly statement, no one seems to have picked up that she appears not to know that only Congress can declare war.

Update: Tuesday, 5:20pm
Okay, Chris Matthews talked about her again today and did mention that "presidents don't declare wars." He went on to say that Iran "has a modern air force." I know that I'm quibbling here, but please; Iran has F-14's that they cannot get spare parts for.

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