Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

My wife wants to know why I watch him every day. Well, duh. So that I can write posts titled, "Chris Matthews is an Idiot."

Anyway, Chris was having a bad case of the vapors over the fact that Washington was unable to clear the product of a once-per-decade snow storm. He included in his rant that northern cities have this kind of blizzard and allow business to proceed as usual.

First, I have lived in Milwaukee, WI and, when 30" of snow fell in 24 hours, business did not proceed as usual. It wasn't as bad as what you see in Washington today, perhaps, but it most decidedly was not normal. I was driving on the freeway one day during a blizzard, commenting to myself about how little traffic there was, and when I exited discovered that the freeway was closed. Yes, the closure was due to inability to clear snow.

Second, it would be nuts for Washington to be equipped to be able to keep the city clear during a once-per-decade event. That would mean purchasing equipment that would sit idle for 3,645 days and used for 5 days. Talk about government waste!


bruce said...

I don't watch him, but I could tell he was an idiot from the 1st paragraph. I'm sort of glad you just find this twaddle and don't have to make it up.

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

I have heard a complaint that they didn't bring in equipment from other areas ahead of ime, since they "knew it was coming." My thought was, "Where are they supposed to get it from? No one that has that many plws are going to want to give them up for very long, never mind the costs involved in getting that much equipment moved in from that far away." MN and UT have both been known to shut down due to snow.
Chris also seems to forget that DC doesn't exactly have control over city taxes to pay for stuff like that.
And really, why do you watch him anyway? Aren't you supposed to stay calm and control your blood pressure?

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