Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chris Matthews Interviews Idiots

Updated below, Sunday am
To the extent that Republicans gain in this year’s election, I am of the opinion it will not be due to increased popularity of that party; it will not be anger at the Democratic Party; it will be that the people of this country are utterly disgusted with Congress as a whole and simply want to throw both parties out. Both parties are failing to get that message, of course, and each is blaming the other for the unpopularity of Congress.

Chris Matthews had two guests on Hardball yesterday to discuss this poll:
throw Congress the hell out

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz responded that the poll might be right overall but that, “We have many, many individual legislators who are connecting with their constituents very well, Chris, and they will be just fine.”

She is counting on the historical pattern of Congress being approved of by only 15% while “my guy” is approved of by 89%, and “my guy” is reelected in droves. Everybody is “my guy” to the people who elect him, of course; otherwise known as, “All politics is local.” It has worked, mostly, so far.

I suspect that her response actually translates to, “I don’t know about that poll, Chris, but I’m going to get reelected, so who cares.”

Rep. Chaka Fattah was somewhat more fundamental in his approach; he simply said that the people who responded to the poll were wrong, and cited an editorial by Norman Ornstein which claimed that this Congress is the “most productive in more than four decades.”

Fine, can Ornstein cast enough votes to reelect the present Congress?

Meanwhile, Democrats are accusing Republicans of being the problem for obstructing everything; Republicans are accusing Democrats of being the problem due to their inability to exercise leadership while in the majority; the house is blaming the Senate; the Senate is… Well, okay, the Senate isn’t actually blaming anybody, but is just sitting there emulating a root vegetable. The President is sort of fecklessly waving his hands and saying, “Now, now, let’s all just get along.”

This would all be funny as hell, if it didn’t risk putting Republicans back in power, which is a rather daunting prospect.

Update: Sunday, 7:00am
The New York Times offers Frank Rich today with yet another reason for the Republican advance in popularity; Sarah Palin's (literally) handwritten notes at her Tea Party convention.

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