Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not "Sweetness" but...

5'6", 181#, 329 yds, 2 td's.
Darren Sproles.

Do not let that 23-17 score fool you. Take away a few times that Chargers decided to momentarily put their heads where there is a serious lack of sunshine and this game was 31-10 with no overtime required. The better team won.

Observed in the stands was a hand-lettered sign, "Jay Cutler: Probowl, Payton Manning: MVP, Watching Philip Rivers beat both of them: Priceless."      Indeed it was.

A shout out to Utah. Who would have imagined that they would knock off Alabama, and do so in such a decisive manner. That was no fluke. I'm not buying the "number one" claim, but they deserve a lot of acclaim for a truly superb season.

Not so much NBC, who sucks as much as any other network. In the earlier game with eight minutes left Collingsworth is saying that, down by 14, the Falcons still had plenty of time and could afford to stay with their running game. I thought that was a pretty stupid comment, and apparently so did he because less than two minutes later he was commenting that they needed to pick up the pace as they were running out of time. Moron.

Any why, exactly, does NBC pick as their visiting "expert" the recently-fired president of the Detroit Lions? This is the man who built the team that just became the first in history to have an 0-16 season. A team, in fact, that could have played 16 high school teams and still gone 0-16. Why do they think that we would consider his profound opinions about football matters to be remotely worth listening to?

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  1. Quite a few folks imagined that Utah could beat Alabama. The only undefeated major team? Longest win streak of a major team? And the opponents weren't wimps. The Mountain West Conf had 3 teams BCS ranked - more than some BCS conferences. Does this need to be fixed??????