Thursday, January 22, 2009

Illegitimacy Abounds

From CNN News today (I know, "News" is redundant and inaccurate),
Word started spreading that White House officials had invited just a small group of print journalists in to witness the historic moment a second time, but had failed to invite a representative from the five major U.S. television networks.

CNN and other television networks have complained to the White House but have not gotten a clear answer from White House officials about why the video cameras were locked out.

So the whole point of the ceremony -- getting the word out there that the president was in fact inaugurated -- was undermined by the fact that now there's no videotape to prove he was sworn in.

Not to mention that it may run counter to the main message the president was trying to deliver Wednesday with his executive order pushing for more openness in government.

Let impeachment begin. Or do we even need impeachment?

Bad News Department: 8:15am
Now that he has begun his second term as President, after a very short but active first term, Barack Obama cannot run for re-election in 2012.

Oh Noes! Despair! 8:45am
He didn't use a bible the second time!!! He's not Preznit. Where's Biden?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
The Senate is delaying confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General because they do not believe he supports the use of torture. In fact, he has said rather specifically that he opposes it, and the Senate seems to think that this is a bad thing. They seem to hold to the now-debunked belief that we need to torture to "keep America safe." (Or they are afraid that Holder might prosecute those who authorized its use, which includes some of these self-same Senators.)

To illustrate just how dysfunctional the Senate is, they are simultaneously delaying confirmation of Leon Panetta as CIA chief because "extraordinary rendition" was used under the Clinton Administration, of which he was a member, even though he has never said he supports its use.

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    um... I hope you're being sarcastic. Otherwise, I'd have to tell you to lighten up.