Friday, January 02, 2009

Homeward Bound

Watching bowl games yesterday. Networks all really, really suck.

Georgia gets a really good runback on a punt by Michigan State, enhanced by a MS penalty. We go away for a long string of commercials and when we return Georgia is celebrating a touchdown and the announcers are talking about it as if we had not missed it.

In the second half of the Rose Bowl we are subjected to an inane discussion between Mussberger and some no-name sidekick about subjects having nothing to do with the game in progress. The discussion is stupid as hell, the camera is on the pundits as much as it is on the field, and play after play runs off without comment from these idiots. Admittedly, the game was not very competitive at that point, but still...

Anyway, homeward bound today. Home in time for the NFL playoffs.

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