Monday, January 26, 2009

Money is Not Fungible

Having gotten billions of bailout dollars from us the taxpayer, Citicorp is spending $50 million for a new private corporate jet. But that's okay, you see, because they assure us that they "are not using taxpayer money to pay for the jet."

Well, I'm certainly relieved to hear that.

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Could you expand your view to explain why organized religious groups campaign for government largesse? I have received an email through my church asking me to grade the President's SoTUM. It will be typical political hyperbole from a man who has demonstrated remarkably little true personal charity and who never fails to use his position for celebrations of himself and expensive vacations whilst America is on the ropes. BHO will doubtless call for expanding social spending. The problem is government involvement is much less efficient than church and private social charity and is a bureaucracy that swells on its own excess. The more government demands, the less we can give to the church and the other charities we support.
    As Margaret Thatcher is credited with saying:"Socialism works until you run our of other peoples' money".