Thursday, October 06, 2011

Well, That's Okay Then

It seems I was off base in asserting that our beloved Democratic President does anything so horrible as order the execution of American citizens without due process of law. What a relief to read in Reuters this morning that he does nothing of the sort, that it is actually a secret panel of unknown persons meeting within the White House who puts people on a “kill list” based on secret information which they never reveal outside of the room in which they meet to write their “death list.”

They then present their list to President Obama and, if he disagrees with it, he can take names off of the list. The report does not say whether or not he looks at any of the evidence.

Does that remind you of anything in the Bible? Someone washing his hands before ordering an execution? "Hey, don't look at me, they insisted on it."

Edit: Omigod, it just hit me, "Death Panel." Sarah Palin was right!

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