Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Ready, Sneer, Aim"  (oops)

The liberal blogs which I read are all sneering at the Republican debates and heaping scorn upon the various exchanges between candidates this morning. Deserved or not, I can’t really say, but probably deserved since conservative blogs are all trying to pretend the debates didn’t happen.

The lofty and superior sniping of the liberal crowd is beginning to wear on my nerves though. (Okay, nephew, maybe “beginning” is not the right word.) Before picking up mud and slinging it at others, it is sometimes a good idea to make sure you don’t have a handful of one’s one skirt which is dragging in the same mud.

In yammering about some exchange having to do with immigration, one liberal blogger commented on “…antagonizing the twelve Latinos who were still going to vote for a Republican.” Oh, how very scathing. He thinks, apparently, that Latinos are planning to vote overwhelmingly to reelect a Democrat whose administration has set two annual records for deporting them from this country; deporting them at almost twice the rate that the previous Republican President did.

I love the part about if the person being deported has a baby who was born in this country and is therefor a citizen, the baby is allowed to leave the country with its mother. What largesse! What humanity! Makes me proud to be an Amurricun and a Democrat.

Well, blush, okay I’m registered as a Republican, but I have an unbroken record of voting Democrat that goes back many years. That is going to change next year.

Update, 12 noon: After removing a comment which said that I was stupid and that Republicans are racists, I will add that I continue to be struck by the liberals' lack of positive commentary regarding their own party and ideas. Republicans do bash their opponents to a degree, of course, but the debates have a great deal to say about what they propose to do and what they stand for. Liberals seem to have nothing to say other than gleeful commentary about how stupid the Republicans are and how Democrats will win because the Republicans have such a lousy field of candidates. They also hate Wall Street, etc.

Obama is, of course, demanding that Congress pass his "jobs bill," but that is not getting much traction with the liberal commentariat. They are having too much making snide remarks about Republicans.


bruce said...

pick over semantics? who, me?

AA+ Bonds said...
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Jayhawk said...

Previous comment deleted due to personal nature of commentary.

AA+ Bonds said...

Comment two comments above removed because it made the blog writer look ridiculous.

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