Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Football

Well, the Tigers won, resoundingly. Oh, right, my Tigers, not the other Tigers. It looked for thirty minutes like Tennessee was going to make a game out of it, but then Alabama woke up and turned it into a blowout. Oklahoma lost to Texas Tech in a really good game; I wonder how many picked that one. So numbers one and two are well separated from number three, both had blowouts this week at home, both are off next week, and they play each other in two weeks. Oh boy. Geaux Tigers.

At one point the announcer said something about "Louisiana State" and I thought, "who the hell is that?" Then I realized that he meant LSU. Duh.

Utah is now 0-4 in the Pac 12, 3-0 in non-conference play. Maybe they should have stayed in the Mountain West? Inside shot.

Also upcoming is that two college teams will play an NCAA basketball game on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, aircraft carrier, in San Diego Bay on Nov 11th, Veterans' Day. I'm actually pretty pumped about that, and that President Obama will be attending. Rumor has it, I believe, that he likes basketball. I think everything about that event has a nice flavor to it except that, unfortunately, the media will be reminding us endlessly that Carl Vinson is the ship that buried Osama Bin Laden.

The Chargers play at the Jets today and the New York Times is saying... Well never mind what the damned Times is saying. We all know that paper is full of crap.

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bruce said...

So what DID they say? That the Jets would beat the Chargers and they did?

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