Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Terror Foiled Again

As Glenn Greenwald says, responding to this latest terror plot is made difficult by the necessity of restraining all of the giggling that is invoked by the government’s announcement of it. Glenn dismantles the plot better than I can, so go read his piece, but…

Our government is just appalled at the idea that Iran would commit the heinous act of entering another nation for the purpose of committing assasination, especially in a manner that might take a number of innocent lives in the process. Oh my, does anyone know how to spell “drones” and know where Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Somalia are?
I mean, really, we not only do that on an almost daily basis, we even brag about it, and then we make up what we admit “reads like the pages of a Hollywood script” and recoil in horror at the idea of Iran doing almost exactly the same thing in our country.

One also has to wonder how many FBI agents we have hanging around pretending to be explosives brokers, because every time some feckless idiot wants to become a terrorist and tries to hook up with another terrorist to buy explosives, he hooks up with an FBI guy instead, who then spends six months or more selling him silly putty before finally arresting him and creating one of these grand scenarios. Sort of like a cat toying with a mouse before finally killing it and then proudly bringing it home to it’s owner with a, “Look what I did.”

And then, sort of like icing on the cake, the government issues an alert both abroad and here in "the homeland” for a “heightened risk of terrorist attack” because Iran might retaliate against us for having broken up their plot. They seem to think Iran is like a two-year-old who throws temper tantrums when its plans are foiled. (Assuming that it really was Iran's plot.) Or maybe they are just thinking in terms of what they would do if someone shot down one of our drones.

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bruce said...

the commentary at Glenn Greenwald is indeed pretty amusing. maybe even better than yours. Ok, just different. But a good read. Thanks...

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