Sunday, October 16, 2011

Priorities Part Three

I’m seeing a great deal of excitement about “Occupy Wall Street” these days and, while I am “on board” with that protest, I go back to the days when the protests were about our young men dying in Vietnam. I have to say, that I take that kind of protest a little more seriously than the ones about, “we aren’t getting our fair share of the money.”

Did anyone notice that our drones are killing people in Yemen almost every day in numbers that make it very difficult to believe the deaths are solely armed soldiers? Did anyone notice the deaths by US drones in Somalia?

Supposedly these drones are so precise and efficient that they never kill anyone who is not armed to the teeth and positively identified as a convicted terrorist, but did anyone notice that a US drone killed two of our own soldiers because the drone operator thought they were “the enemy” and fired a Hellfire missile at them?

How many people are marching in the streets to protest this nation killing women and children and calling it “collateral damage?” How many people are marching in the streets to protest a full decade of our young men and women dying in a transparently senseless war in Afghanistan? No, we are marching in the streets to demand a greater share of the nation’s cash.

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