Saturday, October 29, 2011

Usurpation of Occupation

Our local news last night featured a group calling themselves “Occupy Oceanside,” which is a suburban community north of San Diego, noted primarily for Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base. This group marched through “downtown Oceanside,” which didn’t take long, and finished up by picketing a Bank of America. The really pathetic part is that as soon as the news cameras left they went home, and they are scheduling another meeting for next Friday.

Now I don’t agree with some aspects of “Occupy Wall Street,” but these people are dedicated to something bigger than themselves and are making a very real and significant sacrifice to express that dedication. I have profound respect for that and for them. When I have stated disagreement with them I have been very careful not to mock or belittle them.

But this “Occupy Oceanside” group is a collection of dilettantes and idiots, and their usurpation of the name used by the people in New York City, downtown San Diego and other cities who are putting themselves to serious inconvenience and risk is utterly disgraceful. Coming out on a sunny warm afternoon to carry a sign for a few hours is a far cry from the formidable exercise of free speech that the true “occupiers” are undertaking, and these Oceanside jerkoffs should be ashamed of themselves for their pretense.

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