Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Yeah? Show Me

It is common knowledge that, “Republicans want the economy to remain bad so that they can win the election next year.” Lawrence O’Donnell does not present this as any kind of supposition or theory, he states it as a fact, as do most of his guest commenters and most of the rest of the punditry at MSNBC and the liberal blogosphere.

Can they show a YouTube film clip of any Republican saying, “I want the economy to stay bad because that will destroy Obama,” or giving any other reason why they specifically want the economy to stay bad? Can they show a film clip of any Republican saying that they are specifically trying to keep unemployment high? Of course not.

O’Donnell and company do, of course, roundly condemn Republicans for making claims which they cannot substantiate, and for making false accusations against Barack Obama, and yet in virtually every “news” show they state categorically that Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy for selfish political purposes, a claim for which they can never in a million years provide definitive proof.

Are Republicans deliberately sabotaging the economy? Hell, I don’t know; maybe they are. But I’m from Missouri, metaphorically speaking. Show me.

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