Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strange "Concerns"

Much hyperventilating is being done about Libya becoming an “Islamic nation” after we busted our humps to help liberate them from their brutal dictator. Two small problems with that, one being that we claimed we were not doing that until after that brutal dictator was already dead. The bigger conflict, though, is that the people who are so aghast at this prospect are for the most part the same people who most vociferously prate about the United States being a “Christian nation,” argue most loudly for our support of the “Jewish state” of Israel, and use Bible quotations to urge passage of legislation banning abortion and gay marriage.

Much concern is being expressed over the method of death of Muammar Qaddafi, and concern that he suffered unjust summary execution at the hands of the rebels whom we supported. The same people who are expressing this concern not only do not worry much about the summary executions conducted every week by American drones using Hellfire missiles, they actually celebrate those summary executions and refer to the victims of them as having been “brought to justice.”

Marco Rubio, it seems, is not eligible to serve as President of The United States, even though he was born on American soil, because "his parents held allegiance to a foreign nation" at the time he was born. (They were Cuban immigrants.) When faced with the 14th Amendment, detractors will admit that he is a citizen, but not a "natural born citizen." Sort of reminds me of Obama's birth certificate, "That's not a birth certificate, see, it's a certificate of live birth." Sheesh.

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