Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"A couple of little things"

Norv Turner, coach of the San Diego Chargers, met the media yesterday and admitted that their level of play has not been entirely flawless. He stayed with the team's official line, though, to the effect that the only thing that matters is that they have won four games, and went on to say that all they have to do is "fix a couple of little things."

Um, Norv, dropping the fucking ball is not a "little thing."

I am married to a therapist (note to young bachelors, don't do that) and she keeps mentioning that the first step in dealing with a problem is to admit that you have one. (Which is a sample of why not to marry a therapist.)

Clarification: (otherwise known as scrambling for the lifeboat) No, I have no regrets, I would do it again. I would just urge her to become something other than a damn therapist.


bruce said...

hahahahaha.... tell that to your sister. if you were on any shorter string, you'd turn purple. Of course, you don;t need any help with that. US politicians, Chris Matthews, sports, talking heads, San Diego politicians, Paul Krugman, dysfunctional voters and populace at large, did I say politicians?

bruce said...

oh and uppity nephews. Nieces, they're ok. but we all love you anyway :)

momlee said...

from the (retired therapist) sister: yes, I love him any way.

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