Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Who's the Rube?

Democrats are ranting about the ignorance of Republican candidates with regard to foreign policy, but Hillary Clinton is still demanding that we send troops to aid in the defeat of the Assad and Syrian Arab Army, regards Russia as our greatest enemy and maintains that we would have to engage Iran militarily if it ever came into possession of a single nuclear weapon.

CBS Evening News is sounding alarms about Russian movement of direct military aid into Syria, tanks, fighter planes and troops, taking the tone that this is a criminal act of some sort and that it presents a grave and serious danger to American security and to stability in the Middle East. It “raises the prospect,” they claim “of US and Russian warplanes in the same skies, fighting on opposite sides,” which is about as ignorant on foreign policy as anyone could possibly be.

Republican ignorance forsooth.

Puts me in mind of Michael Douglas as “An American President.” He says of his slimy opponent that, “He’s not interested in solving problems, he only cares about telling you what to be afraid of and who to blame for it.” Twenty years ago our political process was already turning into what it is today.

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